Minoru Akuzawa

"When the body is ready, the technique springs forth spontaneously, the body becomes the technique.

For this reason, my work has pushed me for a long time for a long time and in a daily way to transpose the principles of martial arts into physical training influenced by quadruped, fitness, crossfit, interval training etc. In this research, the work of Blandine Calais Germain, Christophe Carrio, Franck Medrano, Emma Gomez and the traditional physical preparation allowed me to acquire multidisciplinary and adapted knowledge.

This way of managing my own training allowed me to create a complete system that I called “body training”.

The goal is that, in the same session, students can work on breathing, nervous system, proprioception, mobility, strengthening and cardio.

on the left Christophe Ksiazkiewicz

This experience led me to create a method called Kinesis©, whose goal is to learn how to structure and use the body in the most optimal way possible. I created this method in partnership with my partner in the international Aunkai, Christophe Ksiazkiewicz instructor of Aunkai for many years and the oldest French student of Sensei Akuzawa.

on the left Christophe Ksiazkiewicz

I started teaching over 20 years ago. These years of experience have allowed me to observe the plurality of results for each student, whether in terms of comprehension or skill acquisition. The lack of results can easily lead to a lack of motivation, a loss of attendance, sometimes leading the student to drop out. For this reason, I wished to obtain the diploma of mental coach which gives me today precise tools allowing me to adapt my transmission strategy in a more effective way.

I also obtained the diploma of traditional Shiatsu practitioner from the school Masunaga. This training is provided by Alain Sakhnowsky, practitioner for more than 25 years and excellent teacher, allowed me to clarify in a very precise way the links between the internal body activity, the emotional fluctuations and the world which surrounds us. Masunaga shiatsu is a sensitive, humanistic and precise shiatsu. Supported by traditional Chinese medicine, it brings to my approach a more precise both physiologically and psychologically.

The teaching that I propose today has as a guideline the body understanding, the functional adaptability to the time in which we live. It aims to help practitioners discover themselves deeply in order to leave the inner resistances that form barriers to joy and inner calm.

These disciplines are as follows:

  • Wing Chun
  • The Aunkai
  • The Aikibugei
  • The Katori Shinto Ryu
  • Body training
  • Kinesis © (in French)
  • Voluntary exposure to cold “Yoga Toumo

I strive every day to improve my practice and my understanding.

he exchanges with Alexandre Hunot around Wing Chun and Neija Quan, Aikibugei and Katori Shinto Ryu sessions at Lionel Oudart’s kun dojo with Julien Moreau and the AIRBJ alumni, the Aunkai trainings with Christophe ksiazkiewicz, the practice of Katori Shinto Ryu of Yukihiro Sugino with Michel Serrurot and my daily individual trainings allow me to maintain a rich and intense research dynamic.

Finally, the trainings under the direction of Sensei Akuzawa and Master Luo Dexiu allow me to perceive distant horizons that nourish my evolution and leave my ego in its right place

Doing without expecting anything, keeping the beginner’s mind, remaining vigilant and adaptable are fundamental principles of these disciplines, I try to apply them day after day.